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Social Skills

Activities for Building Self Confidence


A collection of activities and games to promote self-confidence and enhance self-esteem in young people

By E A Morris

These activities recognise that self-confidence and self-esteem are interrelated. They can be used to create a programme for developing self-confidence in young people and include ways to help them:

  • Learn to focus and concentrate
  • Pay attention
  • Learn to speak up for themselves
  • Acknowledge what they have already learnt
  • Accept praise and appreciation
  • To accept and give compliments and criticism
  • Speak openly about their strengths
  • Acknowledge achievements
  • Gain an awareness of their strengths
  • Build on existing models
  • Think about role models
  • Increase powers of observation and memory
  • Take control
  • Focus on the good things in their lives.

Ages 11-16

A4, 62 pages, photocopiable


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activities for building self-confidence.jpeg