Sleepy Lights
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Sleepy Light T-Rex


The hippest night light that your child can imagine! Safe and long life due to the LED lights, with a cool remote control to determine the color to dim night light on this and many more features. The latest trend for the kidsroom.

The Aloka Sleepy Lights is a special lamp with many colours. Use the remote to change colour, adjust brightness, set timer, and lots more! SLEEP for minimum brightness, TIMER to turn off the light automatically after 1 hrs, RAINBOW to gently cycle through colors and SIDE LAMP for pure white at brightest level.

Innovatieve kenmerken: Colour changing dimmable LED’s | No bulbs or batteries to change | Energy efficient, long life LED’s | Safe low voltage 5v power | Made from resilient acrylic | Smart plat pack design | Low heat LED’s

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