Schools, PTAs & Groups Create your own Pop up Pocket Money Shop in a Box!

Creating your own Pop up Pocket Money Shop in a Box, you order at wholesale prices - no minimum order, we deliver, you sell and make a good profit for your school or charity - what you do not sell we buy back!

To find learn more, with a price list and profit guide please email


Light up Squishes 

We have a range of different design light up squishes - Dino's, Elephant's, Teddy Bears, Snails, Frogs, Penguins, Octopus & Unicorn

Pricing at RRP £1.50 to £3 


Splat Balls

We have a range of Splat balls - Dino, Owl, Unicorn, Emoji Faces & Monkey.                     

Pricing at RRP £1 to £2



The Bendables are a great range of Pocket Money toys we have in our range, Dino,s people, monkeys, fairy's, cats & dogs & Mermaids                                                          Pricing at RRP £1.50 to £2