Little BIG Sensory Resource Packs
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The Little BIG Sensory Calming Pack


Package of sensory toys with colourful green bag for storage. This offers a range of tactile sensory toys ideal for children with autism, ASD, ADHD or sensory processing difficulties. Great for children to engage in play or use as fidget toys. Includes : Colourful green BAG, LARGE BENDY FIGURE , CLASSIC TANGLE, TWIST & LOCK BLOCK, SMALL WEIGHTED SAND ANIMAL, A STRESS FROG BALL), A TRAFFIC LIGHT COMMUNICATION FAN , PUTTY POT , TEXTURED KNITTED STRESS BALL, 2 X MINI SPIKEY EGGS , BUBBLE OOZE TIMER, A PUFFER FARMYARD ANIMAL, A STRETCHY CATERPILLAR, A STRETCHY APPLE AND WORM FIDGET TOY. PLEASE NOTE: Not suitable for under 3yrs due to small products. Products may vary.

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