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Key ring Worry Eaters
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Worry Eater Om Keyring


Meet the Om the Worry Eater soft toy keychain from Schmidt Spiele.

When night falls, it's time for dreams. Nice, funny, sad or exciting dreams are fine, but being woken by a horrible nightmare is really upsetting. Fortunately for children, there are the Sorgenfresser (Worry Eaters)! Every night and every day they turn fears, worries or bad moods into nice stories to enjoy together or alone.

Om the Worry Eater is confident that if you have any worries, he will get them!

The Sorgenfresser's motto is 'We eat your worries'. They are recommended by psychologists and teachers to act as a waste bin for the fears, troubles and woes that they don't always tell their parents about.

Height: 35cm

Hand washable.

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key ring om.jpg
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