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Hairy Tangle


The Tangle Jr. Hairy is a fun fuzzy and twisty sensory manipulative that is covered with soft, stretchy spines.


The Hairy Tangle Jr has all the virtues of the original Tangle Jr. with the addition of squiggly, squirmy rubber tentacle fun making them extremely tactile and sensory stimulating.


This Tangle is not only fun, but a great sensory manipulative and a classic stress relief toy.

 This is the perfect play thing, fidget toy and stress reliever.

 Addictively fun, once you pick one up, you will find it extremely hard to put down.


Makes a great sensory toy.

Perfect for the classroom sensory box.


You can play with Tangle Hairy in so many ways.


Twist the Tangle into different shapes while you chat away on the phone or watch TV or you can stretch out the hairy spines.

 Calms people down and give to creative expression.

Suitable for ages 5+

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