Feelings and Emotions

You & Me


This collection of worksheets will encourage children to think about themselves and their social relationships with a variety of important people.
By E A Morris

These activities will help children realise what connections they have with other people and how important these relationships are, define the wider context of their family and peer group, and begin to communicate better within these contexts. The worksheets are:

  • My Important People Portrait
  • Me & My Important People Tree
  • Me & My School
  • Happy Times
  • Important People Song
  • Letterbox
  • Friendship Web
  • My Best Friend
  • My Friends & I
  • Same or Different?
  • Mirror Dance
  • Making up with my Friends
  • Friendship Poem
  • Hearts
  • Special Person Award

ISBN 978-1-909380-75-2

Includes a FREE CD-Rom containing the entire book's contents.

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