Feelings and Emotions

What are they feelings?


Help children and young people develop an understanding of others by 'putting themselves in their shoes' with these probing question cards
By Eve Wilson

These 60 cards offer a range of questions that will allow young people to think about and discuss what others may be feeling in a given situation. They can develop their empathy skills and understanding of other people, thus enhancing their social and communication abilities.

The cards can be used with groups where discussion may be extended to comparing and analysing responses. They are equally useful for individual work and cards could be selected to target an area of importance to a particular person. 
Each question starts with ‘If Someone …’ and is followed by one of 60 situations, for example:

  • asks to speak to me
  • avoids me
  • disagrees with me
  • snaps at me
  • ignores me
  • gives me a hug
  • points out my mistakes
  • texts me
  • bursts into tears
  • smiles at me
  • waves to me
  • offers to help me ...

 It then finishes with ‘what are they feeling? ‘ to start a discussion.
The CD-Rom includes 60 extra cards to print off, each showing an individual emotion/feeling that can be used as prompts if participants are struggling for ideas or would benefit from looking at a situation from an alternative viewpoint.
60 cards, size 90 x 130mm.
ISBN 978-1-909380-00-4
Ages 7-16

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