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Feelings and Emotions

Me & My World


Help children start to consider themselves in relation to the world around them with these workshops.


The activates include the plan in which they live, their school, the town, buildings, the natural world, weather and seasons. These worksheets will encourage children to think about themselves as part of a society, not just with regards to themselves and their own feelings or their close relationships such as friends but in a much wider way, taking in the cultures surrounding them and the natural environment.

The workbook includes:

  • Myself
  • Me and My Home
  • School
  • Shops
  • Me and My Street
  • Me and My Town
  • Getting to School
  • Winter Feeling
  • Summer Feelings
  • Summer Events
  • Summer Time
  • Autumn Feelings
  • Things I Do in Autumn
  • Autumn Events
  • Spring Things to do
  • Spring Events
  • Seasons
  • My favourite Seasons
  • The class Thunderstorm- raindrops
  • Special Time

(Ages 4-11) ISBN 978-1-909380-73-8

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Me & my world.jpg