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Games for building-esteem


Games and activities to promote self-esteem in 7-11 year olds
By E A Morris

This resource contains a variety of 48 different games and activities for 7-11 year olds to promote self-esteem by working on three crucial areas:

1) Sense of self – This involves knowing who you are, what you like, what you don't like, what your beliefs are, what you want. Games to build a sense of self include: What can your body do?, Grand hands, What can I hear?, Things to do with fingers and toes, I’ve got a sound right inside of me, End of the day stories, My name is, What can I smell, taste and hear?, We are in line, Pass the smile, Spot the difference, What’s changed?, Big blot, Me and my shadow, Elbow to elbow.

2) Sense of belonging – This is one’s sense of being connected to others. Games to build a sense of belonging include: Acting out nursery rhymes, Rolling logs, Everyone has a turn, Who wants a sandwich?, Love is all around, We are in a jungle, Breathing together, Birds in the air, Tear away, Hunt the music, Back pictures, Shoe mates, Fire engines, Double action painting.

3) Sense of personal power – This involves having an awareness of the impact you have on what happens around you including that you will be listened to and your views respected. Games to build a sense of personal power include: What am I doing?, The big balloon, Who’s underneath that big hat?, Who’s that saying that?, Pop, pop, popping, I can …, Mirror, mirror on the wall, Simon says … says Simon, Can you spot the bean bag?, Big monsters, Not a sound, Jack and Jill, The dream maker, Flowers and animals, Puffing Billy, High and low are low and high, Stalking, Hunt the thimble, Jigsaws. 

As well as boosting self-esteem, the games also promote brain development and can be used in small groups or whole classes.
Ages 7-11
60 pages, A4 ring-bound photocopiable book with free CD-Rom
ISBN 978-1-907370-16-8

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