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Magic Unicorn Poo


We have proof that unicorns exist! Don't ask where we got it from, but what we have here is a tub full of pure unicorn poo. It's bright pink because their diet consists largely of strawberries and rainbows, with flecks of glitter left over from all the magic within the unicorn's digestive tract. You can squish it, stretch it and shape it however you like, but make sure you put it pack in the tub afterwards to seal in the enchanted poopy goodness.

  • Tub of unicorn poo
  • Bright pink and glittery
  • 100% genuine sample (probably)
  • Squish it, stretch it and shape it
  • Includes tub to keep it fresh
  • Tub 7cm diam.
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unicorn poo.jpg
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