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Classic Worry Eaters
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Classic Worry Eater Saggo


Hi, my name is Saggo. And I have a real appetite for worries of all kind. But my absolute favourite worry dish is orange and beige-coloured worries of children. Yum-yum, are they ever delicious! Just take me along wherever you go, and everything will be alright.

•Based on Gerd Hahn's German TV Series
•Psychologists and teachers recommend the Worry Eaters as a waste bin for problems.
•Children can write or draw their troubles and feed them into the zip mouth of the Worry Eater
•Worry Eaters are nice and cuddly in both good and bad times and not just for children.
•They give comfort and reassurance to children, enabling a restful nights sleep

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classic worry eater saggo.jpg
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