1st Birthday Celebrations

After a year of trading I’ve started to look back over the past roller coaster of a year and the journey.

My 5 top phrases that I have used in the past year are:
• It will be fine
• It’s all a learning curve
• I’ll you tube it later
• Yeah its going great
• Any motivational words
And a few words that really can’t be repeated – Depending on how the day is going I might use them all or use one repeatedly.
I would say I’m an optimist but a year as a self-start up business owner has taken its toll! I have more wrinkles, more grey hair and gained more weight, I’ve lost (misplaced) friends, lost (misplaced) most of my social life and lost (Truly lost!) any love I had for shopping!
A year ago I was naïve, my original business plan was rubbish and made errors of judgement. But survived the pitfalls, slightly more savvy and would now call myself a business owner and not shudder with fear! “It’s all a learning curve”
We have had some amazing success stories – been on
• BBC Coventry and Warwickshire radio interview
• Local press articles
• Article by changing places regarding our disable access toilet and adult & child changing facilities
• SBS winner (Twitter Theo Phapitis)
• Became Dementia friendly shop and joined the dementia alliance Cov & Warwicks
• Launched Aunty Agatha’s on the Road
• Launched our own product Range Aunty Agatha’s The Little BIG Sensory Shop Grab and Go Resource Packs
• Celebrate our 1st birthday we are collaborative working with 6 other independent business to bring children’s activities during the summer holidays.
And we still have a few plans for the future and a parked ideas board!
A few great quotes my grandfather use to say
1. Never Clean your false teeth in vinegar
2. Don’t chase the money you have to earn it!